In tears and smiles

in love and hatred

Ups and downs

Its you who stood by me when I broke down 

Its you who held me strong when i fell

From my heart beats to my tears

somewhere you were a part of them all

Somewhere you were a reason of them all

More than the brightest rainbow

Ur presence was more cherishing

Most than the most beautiful places

Your smile was more welcoming

Ya, you were famous among others

So was I, but what about us

We were the best of the buddies

And you know what

Still we are………….


Its just  that

We grew apart



Death……a beauty….


Death seems but a beauty
Slowly invading my soul
Slowly commuting thru mind
Slowly enthralling my thoughts
Thru the womb of love
Came death a humble thought
Fascinating and trembling
Weakly assaulting
The human alive in me
Thru the hatred around
Came death a fiery face
Painful and intense
Strongly marching
Into the dead soul in me
Death is but a beauty
A beauty so seductive
That its invading me
Slowly..steadily…thought by thought. ……..


Rest in peace bro….

Like a breeze u came,
Loving n nascent…
Habituated me to u…
Pampered n spoilt me
With love n care
Made me feel like angel
A brother so unique
A brother so awesome

Its hard to believe
Impossible to digest
That you left abode
Leaving me alone
That you will never be there
That things will no longer b same
That u will no longer b there
To love, pamper n spoil me
That u would no longer b there
To fight n pull my legs
That u woul no longer b there
For me …. my bro….

Miss u loads
Love you loads
Rest in peace
N live in my dreams


Down the memory lane….


Down the lane there
Lives a memory mine
Of friends who cared
Loved n bothered,
Of a love so dear
Whose loss I could not bear
Of a granny who loved
Taught n scold

Down these lanes live
Memories n moods
Of People who came
And vanished without a trace
Of situations that arose
And calmed alike
Of jobs which I left

Down those lanes
Lived me once
Lived me once
Alive..lively n awesome
Down those lanes
Lives my thoughts
My past
My life
My beautiful memories


A touch of love….


From the womb of life
Came a touch of love
Of tenderness
Of wilderness
Of care,  patience and joy
A hand that held u tight
A voice who stood to fight
Against all other who raised
A touch that was heavenly
A company that was lovely
In life when I was lonely
A touch of love
A dew drop of love
Of nascent tender love
Of wild manic love…….


Don’t Follow me……… I am Lost

Don't Follow me......... I am Lost

In the desert of loneliness
Alone, lost and losing,
Walking I am like blowing wind,
Free, but enslaved
From the path of Love,
Friendship and Sands of Life
each grain looks betrayed
each grain hurt
each grain slips away
as if in dirt
All I know is I am here
Today, for this moment
the very next I won’t
For I would fly away
to places unknown
times unseen…………………..
For would then come a day
when I would stop
For someone someway
I am sure
would come a day……..
Follow me not
Follow me never
For I know
I am lost
I am lost
I am lost