Cup of coffee! 

He was my cup of coffee, that strong cup, sweetened enough to raise my ruined moods and brighten my gloomy days; yes, he was my cup of coffee.

There was nothing so specific in him to draw me at first sight, he was not tall, nor handsome neither did he look like my knight in shining armor. He looked like a niggling brother to a rather more niggling sister who, as destiny would have it, was a good friend of mine. Being elder to her, and she being so much a pain in neck, it seemed like a twinge for him to drop her at tuitions everyday and pick her up, bearing all the idiotic crabbiness she possessed. I was so much used to see the regular drop n pick up scenes that it seemed like just another part of the routine sights which least bothered me.  
It was not any chilly December dawn, neither were there any flora and fauna singing, it was just another hectic day of the week when I saw this guy standing at the parking waiting for his dear sister who had an early class that day and failed to turn up after the class (it was later that I knew she had some extra lectures to attend), there was around 30 minutes more to go for my class to start and I was sitting there chit-chatting over no such interesting topics.  I felt an urge to go and ask this brother of my friend what kept him so disturbed, so, I went, started with a ‘hi’ and yeah, had a conversation wherein we asked what we did, where we stayed and all such foolish introductory questions.
That’s how I met Addy for the first time.
Something changed that day, the way I looked at him changed, may be that was complete psychological, now that I knew him, we used to daily talk, chit-chat and gossip. Slowly we became close friends, so close that we would be waiting to met each other, and talk about all shit that came to our mind. It was fun, an amazing fun. 
One day his mom came with him and yeah, I was introduced as a great friend, and I swear, I am yet to meet another fun loving lady like her, she was gorgeous, young and looked nowhere like a mother of a 19  year old and 25  year old. She was fabulous. And again a new friendship bloomed.
Parallel to all this happening, there was this friend of mine, Virat,  who somehow feel heads over heels in love with me and I somehow did not like, or probably he was friend-zoned far before he ever thought of this. He was a good friend and anything above that or more than that was out of my thought process. While discussing this with Addy one fine day, he suggested a help to avoid this headache called Virat which he did not tell me then (it seems pretty idiotic when I think of it today).  Addy went and told Virat that I was in a relationship with Addy and not to disturb me with this topic henceforth, thus the chapter named Virat came to an end. The funniest part being I was the last one to know about this and by this time already half the world believed we were dating. I ignored this as a joke when one day he confessed his feelings leaving me in utter shock. 
I was not ready for a relationship or rater I would say I was phobic to committing myself to a bond. We both had different goals in life and we were nowhere at a stage to give 100% to such a relationship. Things changed since that day, I somewhere loved him, liked him but I was nowhere ready to accept him, but we continued to be friends, I never gave him a reply and he never asked for one. He cared for me like no one would. The most amusing change I saw in him was that now he looked less disturbed dropping and picking up his sister, he found it a reason to meet me.
Mornings for me changed as I waited for his messages to wake me up. Routines changed from going to college alone, to him dropping me every morning to him waiting for me for my classes to get over to pick me up. Routines changed from having lunch with friends to sitting under the old oak with him and having lunch while he helped me with my books. We were more than friends, less than lovers. I was his world and my world too was surrounded around him. Things went on like this for almost three years, going for movies, long drives and sharing everything from cup of coffee to books and food, there were to limitations to the beautiful bond. Time flew and I was in my final year while he got a job in Bangalore, Worlds felt apart for him, I was shattered beyond words could explain but then we decided, this was leading us nowhere, neither were we getting anywhere. Rather than hanging up with me to a nameless future, I persuaded him to join the job. I promised him to be in touch till the day I made my mind to commit myself to anyone. I kept my promise, but slowly persuaded him to move on, move away and move apart. 

It’s been 6 years, and things have changed for good. He is now engaged to the love of his life and so have I moved on marrying my love. I won’t say I was his girlfriend, yeah, may be Half Girlfriend!!!!!  
He is still my cup of coffee, a change being that I am now no longer addicted to coffee and we decided to be the Vodka for each other throughout life. We decided to be friends for life!!!!
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Loving you was a dream come true….


Loving you was a dream come true….

You were the one I fell in love

You were the one I slipped into a relationship

Unknown, unsaid…. I walked the unseen path

Knowing you were a stranger

I opened my doors to you

Knowing you may or may not stay back

I let you in, stay in for the time

You love, your anger, your silly smile

Made your way silently into my heart

Thou you liked nothing about me

Thou you found a hundred fault in me

I failed to find even a single one in you

You were not perfect, by no means

For perfection was what I believed

A thing non- existent

I loved you in every way of yours

Your little fights, your unsaid thoughts

The silly anger, to unknown tensed faces

I loved every part about you,


Loving you was a dream come true





I found your love, a lie….


Of the blues of skies

Of the reds of roses

I found you

In the depth of love

From my dawn to night

From dark to light

It was you, my love,

Only you…………



You, I don’t know why,

No matter how hard I try,

Your eyes, I found them dry…

I found your love, a lie……


Every tear, every cry,

Your every spoken lie

Every time I die

No matter how I try,

I found your love, a lie……


I tried so hard

I had gone so far

I thrust my trust in you,

As far as I could do…….

But You, I don’t know why,

No matter how hard I try,

I found your love, a lie……

Your eyes, once my mirror,

Echo nothing I could bear,

Lapses of my own,

And of me walking alone

You, I don’t know why,

No matter how hard I try,

I found your love, a lie………….


I wanna be there

The another where

Away from you,

Your soul, your foul cry

You, I don’t know why,

No matter how hard I try,

I found your love, a lie…………….



I am All yours!!


When someone asked me about love,

My heart answered nothing but you,

From first time we met to falling in love,

The first hand shake, the first time our eyes met,

The way your hair danced to the rhythm of wind,

And the smile that drugged to skies,

Slowly and steadily, you were becoming an addiction,

Becoming a habit that was hard to replace,

Of all my cards, you were the ace

Yes, I started adoring you, loving you more

Proudly I revealed to the world,

That……………. I am yours my love……I am yours

Your presence made me forget

The world racing around me

Your absence drained from me

The very reason of my existence

Your being no matter how

Made me feel its heaven

Your supportive shoulders

Guided me to the Devine peace

Holding my hands strongly,

The man in you revealed to the world

That……………. I am yours my love……I am yours

It took time, if not much, to fall in love

From strangers, to friends, to love,

Yes, I know, it took time so deep….

To know, to understand, to acknowledge

It took time to accept

The truth that lied underneath

Falling in love was never planned

Falling in love was never decided

Unprecedentedly you came,

You saw, you conquered

My mind, my heart and my soul

You became my friend, my love, my soul-mate

Hadn’t it been you,

I wouldn’t have been me, the me today………

With you by my side,

I revealed to the three worlds,

That……………. I am yours my love……I am yours

With you by my side,

I revealed to the three worlds,

That……………. I am yours my love……I am yoursa


The walk


Bathed in the color of love
She walked in her own world
Winds followed her footsteps
Rains showered her blessings
Bathed in the color of love
She walked in her own world

She knew not where to go
She knew where it led
She knew not what was happening
She knew not wat will
She but knew
No matter where she goes
No matter what all happens
Like a shadow he will be there
Today tomorrow and for eternity
She knew he will be there
To hold her when she falls
To mould her when she breaks
To hug her when she cries
To kiss her in joys

All her journey
His hands she held
In to the woods they walked
Into the woods of love
Into the woods of trust
Into the woods of life
Living together

She knew
She was in love
Much more than love
Blind deaf dumb love



When words fail to meet feelings
When eyes speak more than it lips
When hearts beats not for you
When thoughts wander all the time
When you get enchanted by someone

The weirdest of all feelings
The one one understands late
The one that makes the world go crazy
The one that is slow poison
The one that takes away all of you
The one that leaves you empty

May be that’s what I too feel
May that’s what I am going thru
May be that’s why I am going crazy
May be that’s why I find it amazing

It seems its love
All over from head to toe……


A story

It was just another day
Just another summer
Life…. At its usual strolls
Suddenly the phone beeped
Into it I lazily peeped
A stranger…. Or a friend
I knew not what to send
The message read ‘Hi’
With a smile n shy
Scratching the memory
I remembered it was him
We had met once somewhere
For more reasons I knew of
I remember him trying to smile
Nervous, shy and smiling a while
I sent a response … A ‘hi’…..
Poped up a reply
And there begun a talk
A ride through the past
Tears, smiles and memories he shared
And finally confessed his love
I knew not when I slipped into it
Slowly steadily I went on to it
Where I never wanted to hit
It hit me right there
My heart….
That made a story
I never decided to write
That made a poem
I never thought to recite
Of me….him…n our world of love